June Gloom finally appears to be lifting, which means it’s officially time to start the summer tradition of day drinking on a sunny patio with your besties... And we’ve got the perfect bevvie for such days: the Khee Spritz.

Paper Magazine

Eva Chow Is Spreading Soju Energy

PAPER caught up with Chow to discuss the challenges and rewards of bringing soju to American audiences.


Eva Chow Has Her Own Brand Now

After decades of overseeing ex-husband Michael Chow's Mr. Chow restaurant empire, the culture maven is making a mark in the spirits world.

Tatler Asia

Eva Chow on reconnecting with her Korean roots with Khee Soju and having a drink with Psy

Tatler caught up with Eva Chow, founder of new soju brand Khee Soju, during her visit to Hong Kong for Art Week in March. She speaks about going back to her Korean roots, how a drink with Psy of ‘Gangnam Style’ fame inspired her love of the spirit, and why she decided to launch the brand.


정용진, 고소영도 마시는 키소주 런칭 행사 열려

에바 차우가 선보이는 키(KHEE) 소주가 지난 21일 강남에서 공식 런칭행사를 진 행했다.

KHEE Soju, created by Eva Chow, had its official launch party on July 21st in Gangnam, Seoul.

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BTS 뷔·박서준·이민호·정우성·이정재·고소영...'키소주’ 론칭 행사 참여

이날 행사에는 이정재, 정우성, 이민호, BTS 뷔, 박서준, 고소영, 오은영 박사, 모 델 아이린등 수많은 셀럽과 각계 인사들이 참석해 눈길을 끌었다..

Many celebrities and important figures attended the event to celebrate the launch of KHEE soju. Among the spotted were Lee Jung Jae, Jeong Woo Sung, Lee Min Ho, BTS V, Park Set Joon, Ko So Young, Dr. Oh Eun Young, Irene Kim and more.

News Pim

'키소주'가 뭐길래...할리우드 셀럽이 만든 소주 런칭쇼에 국내 셀럽 대거 참석

특히 이날은 한국의 전통술,소주를 세계 에 널리 알리고자하는 에바 차우 뜻에 함 께하고자…수많은 셀럽과 각계 인사들이 참석하여 소주의 글로벌화를 이끌어갈 새 로운 프리미엄'KHEE(키소주)'의 런칭을 축하해 주었다..

Many stars and influential figures came to the event to support Eva Chow and to celebrate the launch of KHEE soju, the next generation premium soju for the globalization of the traditional Korean liquor.


레드 수트 입은 배우 이정재와 ‘KHEE(키소주)’의 강렬한 만남

KHEE(키소주)의 국내 런칭과 함께 공개 된 이번 영상은 이정재와 함께 국내 유명 포토그래퍼 홍장현 작가의 참여로 더욱 가 치 있는 영상으로 완성되었다.

The video, released with the launch of KHEE Soju in Korea, is credited Lee Jung Jae and Hong Hang Hyun the photographer.

The Hollywood Reporter

Three Los Angeles-based brands are riding the wave of interest in the centuries-old, sugar-free alcohol

Khee Soju, a spirit owned and developed by designer, philanthropist and restaurateur Eva Chow, has a similarly clean effect as shochu, but is a Korean product. (Soju is currently the best-selling liquor in the world by volume, but has enjoyed centuries-long popularity and success in Korea.)

The Chosun ilbo

American Hipsters Take Soju Upmarket

Soju, long regarded as the common man's tipple, is gaining popularity among hipsters and celebrities both at home and abroad.

w korea

그레이트 뷰티

LA의 컬처 퀸. 에바 차우는 종종 이렇게 불린다. 사실 그녀를 설명하는 수식은 이로는 부족할 수도 있다. 올해로 10년째 ‘LACMA 아트+필름 갈라’를 이끌어온 LA카운티미술관의 이사이자 과거 패션 레이블 ‘에바 전’을 론칭한 디자이너, 영화 제작 현장의 프로덕션 매니저까지.

The Chosun ilbo
The Chosun ilbo

Los Angeles' 'Culture Queen' Returns to Korea on a Mission

Korean-American entrepreneur Eva Chow, dubbed the "culture queen of Los Angeles" by the New York Times, recently bought a home in her native Korea.

The Chosun Ilbo

화산 부글부글 끓다가 문화적 폭발… 지금 미국은 K문화 전성시대